186 S. State Street
Shelley, ID 83274
Live at the Virginia Theater:
Everybody Nose
January 29th - February 6th (matinee)

An ACTivate Production By Heather Fahnestock.

It’s as plain as the nose on your face...

This delightful French fairy tale was recorded by Andrew Lang in The Blue Fairy Book in 1889. Our tale has been significantly re-imagined, but the basic story remains the same. The wizard, Cinereous, curses his rival in love, King Norbert. Failing to get the girl, Cinereous casts a spell in which the king and queen will have a son whose nose will be outrageously large, and he can never be happy until he admits that his nose is too large. Furthermore, the king can never speak of this curse to anyone, for when he tries, his throat will close and he won’t be able to utter a sound. The curse becomes reality when Prince Rupert is born with an enormous nose. In a misguided attempt to shelter her son, the queen, under the influence of Cinereous in disguise, insists that no one may come into the prince’s presence without a very large nose. He is told that large noses are a sign of nobility and true leadership, resulting in a young man who can never discover that his nose is too large without the help of some clever fairies and one very imaginative little girl!

Show Dates:
Friday, January 29th
Saturday, January 30th

Tuesday, February 2nd
Friday, February 5th
Saturday, February 6th (matinee)
Saturday, February 6th

All shows start at 7:30 pm except Saturday matinee which starts at 1:00 PM.
Doors open 30 minutes before the performance.
Ticket prices:
Adults: $7
Children/Seniors: $6
Group rate (6 or more): $6 ea.

Ticket prices (Tues., Feb. 2nd Group Night):
All: $4 ea.

Ticket prices (Sat., Feb. 6th Matinee):
All: $6 ea.

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Shelley, ID 83274

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